Knights of Columbus Archives

The Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Archives preserves the history of the Knights of Columbus. The papers of the supreme knights and other supreme officers, the proceedings of the Supreme Council and its publications form the core of the collection. Items produced by the Order’s Catholic Information Service are included, as well as material on the Catholic Church and the papacy, especially in relation to the Knights of Columbus.

Its collection includes correspondence, pamphlets, publications, programs, newspaper clippings and books relating to the history of the Order. While the collection focuses on Supreme Council activities, it also contains material relating to state and local councils.

The Columbus Library includes more than 400 volumes about Christopher Columbus and related topics such as the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 and the 1992 Quincentennial.

The Archives is located in the Knights of Columbus Museum at 1 State St. in New Haven. Access to the Archives is available to members of the Order and to those with scholarly intent by appointment and with the permission of the Archivist. Some materials are restricted. Contact the Archivist for more information.