Curator’s Choice

Pattarino Nativity

This nativity scene, designed by Eugenio Pattarino (1885-1971), perhaps the 20th century’s most acclaimed ceramist, is part of the Knights of Columbus Museum’s collection. Each figure is modeled in terra-cotta and displays great movement and rhythm, characteristic of Pattarino’s style. The figures are traditionally sculpted with rich glazes and gold-washed highlights.


Current Exhibitions

Crèches of Germany: Tradition & Faith

With its ancestral heritage, charming landscapes and villages and a culture deeply rooted in spirituality, one may say every day is Christmas in Germany. The Knights of Columbus Museum’s 12th annual Christmas exhibition, Crèches of Germany: Tradition & Faith, is open through January 29, 2017, featuring many nativity scenes from the internationally renowned Museo del Presepio of Rome, the Friends of the Crèche Association in Europe and the Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.


Fleeing Famine: Irish Immigration to North America, 1845-1860

From 1845 to 1860, more than 1.5 million Irish immigrants sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and Canada. In the cramped quarters below the decks of the “coffin ships,” the journey was fraught with the hardship of inclement weather and the peril of disease, but in spite of their uncertain future, the travelers faced these adversities in hopes of finding a better way of life in North America.