Curator’s Choice

Music, Sheet
K .of C. March
Composed by John B. Viano
Published by Henry J. Hauschild
Victoria, Texas
H 13 ½ in. X W 10 ½ in.

Columbianism spread its roots westward in the early 1900s, finally reaching Texas in 1902, as Degree Teams crisscrossed the state. This five-page sheet music was composed during that historic time of expansion.

The cover features a black and white photo of charter members of Brownsville Council No. 1553, the San Antonio, Texas, Degree Team and other visiting Knights, in Brownsville, Texas, March 5, 1911. The council had just been instituted. In addition to the lay Knights, at least seven Roman Catholic priests appear in the photo.

Despite the palm fronds in the foreground, it was not Palm Sunday (Easter fell on April 16 in 1911). The location of the photo is unknown.

The railroad began service to Brownsville in 1904 and the city had entered a period of rapid growth; but as evidenced by the photo, Brownsville was still very much a frontier town.

John B. Viano wrote the music. He was popular in the Brownsville, area and if, not all, of his music was published by the Hauschild Music Company. Generally, Viano’s work was published in both English and Spanish.

Started by Henry J. Hauschild, Sr., the Hauschild Music Company of Victoria, Texas, had a long career as a publisher (started in 1891) for regional artists of Anglo, German and Mexican music. Many pieces had two titles: one English, the other Spanish. Hauschild’s was the second oldest institution to publish sheet music commercially in Texas and closed in 1980 after 89 prolific years in business.