Knights of Columbus Museum: Past Exhibits

John Paul II, 1920-2005, Memorial Exhibit
September 14, 2005 — May 14, 2006
Knights of Columbus Museum’s Permanent Collection and a Private Lender

The exhibit featured an impressive display of 20 items from the papacy of Pope John Paul II. The lobby of the museum was dedicated to articles that Pope John Paul used during his lifetime, several items he presented as gifts to the Knights of Columbus and several works commissioned by the Knights of Columbus. The exhibit also featured an impressive lender-sculpted bust of the late pontiff.

Two Men Who Have Just Ceased Fighting. Wood native to the Congo. Signed: Massengo, 1999. Gift of Pope John Paul II, from the Pontifical Household and the pontiff’s own personal collection. Altar Chair used by Pope John Paul II at the Papal Mass at Aqueduct, 1995. Commissioned by the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council.