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Antonella Cappuccio

Antonella Cappuccio

Knights of Columbus Museum Unveils Modern Italian Art Exhibit

An exhibit ion of modern paintings by Italian artist Antonella Cappuccio is open at the Knights of Columbus Museum. The painter hand-selected the works for the show, which runs through Oct. 4, 2009.

Born on the island of Ischia, off Italy’s Mediterranean Coast, in 1944 Cappuccio moved to Rome as a young child. After a brief career venture into cinema and television, she embraced art full-time. Her first exhibition was in 1976.

Cappuccio has produced works for such institutions as the Italian Military Corps, the Vatican and the Italian government, as well as for private collectors in Italy and abroad. In 2004, she completed a painting on a single canvas of nearly 300 square yards, entitled “Pagan Rome, Christian Rome,” for a Marriott hotel in her home city.

Her works demonstrate a strong dedication to the preservation of the great traditions of Renaissance Italy rather than catering to trends or needs of the art market. She does not separate the past styles from the present, nor does she ignore the accomplishments of earlier, renowned artists. The forms that she brings to life stem from her intense study of the great masters, the structural function of their drawings, and their use of color.

Cappuccio has successfully used various mediums, passing from canvas to copper and iron, from glass to mirror. She also switches forms and themes, motivated only by her total dedication and honesty of purpose in creating a painting.

Her talent includes experience of portrait painting where she has been able to capture the subject’s existential sense of identity without overdoing or stereotyping the personality. Recent portraits of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI show both a minute attention to real detail and a balanced analysis of character that shines through their facial expressions.

Her art is the complicated expression of truth and ideas, which she undertakes with the courage, maturity, values and deep feelings. All of these combine to make Antonella Cappuccio a remarkable artist.

Admission and onsite parking are free.