Knights of Columbus Museum: Past Exhibits


In December 1531, on a remote hill in central Mexico, earth encountered heaven.

The vestige of that meeting, a miraculous image, has inspired the faith and influenced the culture of generations of people throughout the western hemisphere for nearly 500 years.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is an icon of the Catholic faith and among the most revered and recognizable symbols in Latino culture. Mysteriously imprinted on a coarse, cactus-fiber tilma, or cloak, that should have disintegrated within years, the image of the Blessed Virgin remains vibrant and intact nearly five centuries later, and has been studied and reproduced in countless ways.

The Knights of Columbus, as sponsor of the first International Marian Congress in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Phoenix, Arizona, August 6-8, 2009), assembled an art exhibition of some of the finest and oldest-known works representing original image.

The works were on display at the Knights of Columbus Museum, inviting visitors to consider anew the miraculous image and its still-important message for our time.