Full of Grace

Crowned Madonnas from the Vatican Basilica

Full of Grace Crowned Madonnas

May 8, 2011

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Columbia magazine – How Mary Gained Her Crown 

Throughout the history of Christianity, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary has been as vast in it expression as it has been strong in its fervor. At various occasions, popes have recognized the popularity of certain artistic images of Blessed Mother around the world and the local followings that have developed around them. As a formal acknowledgement and expression of encouragement in such devotion, the Vatican has “crowned” these images.

Through the centuries, the Vatican Museum has assembled reproductions of these images on each occasion of crowning. Many have been, or are actively being, restored. In cooperation with the Vatican, the Knights of Columbus presents 70 of these Marian images, and present both a history of the practice as well a chronicle of the restoration process.