Frequently Asked Questions

Museum Fees

Does the museum charge an entrance fee?
No. The museum is free to the public as a courtesy from the Knights of Columbus. This includes groups as well as individuals.

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Is parking available in the area?
Yes.  Parking  is available free in the garage beneath the museum. The garage parking is available on a first come, first served basis. If the museum garage is full, there is ample parking at public lots and garages within a block or two of the the museum.

What does parking cost at nearby public lots and garages?
The cost generally runs from $5 to $12.

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Does the museum conduct tours at certain times?
No. The museum is self-guiding. When a person or group enters the museum, they will be greeted by a member of the museum staff who is available should anyone have questions, or need directions or explanations.

How long does it normally take to tour the museum?
It takes an average of two hours at the museum to see all of the exhibits including the special temporary exhibits. Historians and art enthusiasts have been known to take a full day to read and view all of the exhibits.

Is there a place to eat at the museum, such as a cafeteria?
No. The museum does not have access to prepared foods, a soda machine or a snack machine.

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Handicapped Access

Is the museum handicapped accessible?
Yes. The museum has elevators, handicapped access ramps and wheelchairs available to all visitors.

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Gift Shop

Does the museum have a gift shop?
Yes. The museum gift shop is open while the museum is open. Everything is sold without tax since the museum is a nonprofit organization.

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Visitors Registry

If I sign up on the museum's Visitors Registry to receive periodic exhibition updates, will the museum sell my information to other institutions?
No, the Knights of Columbus Museum respects the privacy of members and visitors. We will treat all nonpublic information provided to us as confidential.

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Can visitors take photographs at the museum?
Yes. You can take photographs of the building, permanent exhibits and other specific areas of the museum. Temporary exhibits are subject to certain considerations. Please inquire with the front desk museum staff.

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