The Wall of History

The 170-foot long Wall of History presents an overall timeline of the establishment of the Knights of Columbus and the many activities and programs it supports. Free-standing kiosks devoted to each of the Order’s supreme knights punctuate the timeline.

Part I of the Wall of History is a chronology of the Order’s early years, from 1882 to the 1920s, through a tumultuous period of American and world history. Freestanding panels parallel the timeline, presenting the Order’s leadership from the first supreme knight, James T. Mullen (1882-86), to the sixth supreme knight, James A. Flaherty (1909-27).

Dividing the two sections of the wall is a Media Information Center, featuring interactive computer stations that use a touch-screen technology to provide the visitor with extensive information about the Knights of Columbus’ history, organization and outreach. In addition, the electronic display provides both current and historical information on the various state councils and clips from the video library.

Part II of the Wall of History traces the Order’s history from the 1920s to the dawn of the third millennium. It parallels the dramatic leadership of the next seven supreme knights, from Martin H. Carmody (1927-39) to Carl A. Anderson (2000-present).