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Ambassador of Peace Doves for Our Pope

Ambassador of Peace Doves

Paper-mâché based materials; metal, polychrome
L Baldini ; R. Rocca.; G. Baggio
Circa 1999-2000
Gift of His Holiness Pope John Paul II and expressly from the Pontifical Household

A sculpture gift originally presented to Pope John Paul II by a group of artists for the holy father’s efforts to promote world peace.

Four white doves, an aviary symbol for peace, are delicately perched among the branches of an olive tree. The olive branch has always been regarded as a symbol of peace, and appears as such in allegorical paintings of peace.

In the Old Testament, the dove typified both peace and the ritual of purity. The dove that Noah sent forth from the ark in search of dry land returned with an olive branch (Gn 8:11). In this passage, the olive branch is symbolic of the peace God made with man.

It was one of the items included in the Knights of Columbus Museum’s 2003 exhibit entitled: John Paul II: A Passion for Peace.