The Wall of History

Ceremonial 4th Degree Sword

Nickel-plated steel, aluminum, painted wood
Mfg.: Ames Sword Co., Chicopee, Mass.
Distributed by Lynch & Kelly, Utica, N.Y.
Gift of Supreme Physician Dr. John H. Griffin (1966-84)

4th Degree Ceremonial Sword

The sword of the Fourth Degree serves as part of the color corps’ dress and signifies Christian knighthood.

Early vintage models bore the image of the eagle of the Republic (open wings, side-faced) at the top of the hilt.

The guard displays oak leaves and acorns (symbolic of faith and endurance), while the guard flange displays a Phrygian-style “Liberty Cap” and the emblem of the Order flanked by two Roman short swords.

The upper band of the scabbard carries a Maltese cross encased in a laurel wreath, while the foot displays the Great Seal of the Republic.

This sword was used by Maryland State Advocate Dr. Edward P. McDevitt at the first Grand Exemplification in New York City in 1900. McDevitt was a member of Marquette Council 380 and was one of several Knights from Maryland who participated in the historic event. Later, he became master of the Fourth Degree in Maryland (1904-1913).